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0010598: Mayor election causes "diplomat" questers to leave unhappy
As usual, the mayor was replaced through an election on the 17:th of the first month of summer, and I immediately received the message that a diplomat had left unhappy. I assume it was a "diplomat" quester, as there are no other kinds of "diplomats" in my fortress.
I restored things to the order set by the overseer's tyranny (i.e. replaced the mayor) on the 18:th, and ran my unblockmeetings script, which immediately caused another unhappy "diplomat" message (the script wipes all meetings to work around meeting replacement blocking). Earlier, I've seen a "diplomat" leave unhappy when my mayor was killed in the mess ensuing when 127 infiltrators started fighting as a result of one of their co conspirators sneaked, was detected and attacked.

Thus, it seems loss/replacement of the mayor causes quester diplomats to immediately give up rather than try to set up a meeting with the successor (which still is a lot better than stalling the queue).
I'm aware Toady has fixed at least some diplomacy related issues in the next, currently unreleased, version, so this may already have been taken care of. This bug report is mainly a heads up for Toady to check whether that's the case, and, if not, provide a chance to deal with it while the code is still fresh.

I'm using the LNP r02 with the Phoebus tile set, DFHack enabled with performance tweaks and multilevel views. The raws have been modified to lower attack triggers for (semi)megabeasts, civ siege triggers have all been set to 1, and goblins have been set to start on glaciers exclusively. The world is a PSV world DFHacked during world gen to have all plants/creatures legal to regions to be present, all glacier biomes to be evil, and playable civs that ought to be dead slabbed. On embark dead civs were added to the list of available starting civs, and one of those used. The save has been raw hacked to have banana plants provide wood (as they don't appear otherwise), as well as Orkel's inebriation reverse effect work around.
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Related/duplicate of 576 / 2454
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Related to, but not duplicates, as visitors weren't implemented when 0000576 and 0002454 were written.
Also, please add the '#' signs in front of the report numbers, as that causes links to those reports to be added.
It can be noted that I haven't resumed playing, so I don't know if the issue has been fixed.

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Test 0000576 0000576

Ahh, thanks. I'm still new to this.