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0010600: Infiltrators scare and attack citizens while pretending to socialize, etc.
Infiltrators, i.e. questers who remain in your fortress while members of the same group leave the map and return as thieves continue to act under cover even when fighting.
As soon as fighting breaks out with the thief (initiated by the thief or militia), the infiltrators start to scare citizens. Some of the infiltrators continue to socialize, etc. while still being scary, other run around like headless chicken overcome by terror, and the most insidious of them attack while pretending to engage in innocent activities.
In the attacked save the lady consort is fighting while still pretending to socialize. I caught her initiating hostilities as I saw her fire a bolt as someone. In the save, she has been attacked by a militia squad, but she started firing as soon as the attacking thief of her group returned was engaged. I DFHack nicknamed the members of the group that was announced entering at the same time to try to keep track of the possible future mess (they're all nicknamed '1'). In the save I've also ordered an attack against another member of the group after that infiltrator had started scaring citizens (I think that was the one: the last member is unfortunately of the same character class).
LNP r03, Phoebus tile set, raws changed to lower attack triggers of (semi) megabeasts and siege triggers of civs, plus goblins set to start on glaciers exclusively.
DFHacking during world gen to give all regions all plants/animals legal to them, all glaciers made evil, and slabbing of civs to be dead when they out to be. DFHacked pre-embark to allow embarkation as one of the dead civs. Orkel's visitor departure temporary work around.

This is the same fortress as in 0010595, and the save can be found here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/6s38phj5qmw1lc9/region6%20infiltrators.zip?dl=0 [^]

Infiltrators are bad enough. Having them act under cover even when fighting or scaring citizens makes things a lot worse, as you don't know which of the questers you have to put down to stop the madness. These issues may already have been taken care of in the next release: they are not mentioned in the bug reports that have been fixed.
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duplicate of 0010578new  When 1 quester from a visiting group tries a hostile takeover of an artifact, rest of group turns "fake hostile". 
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Further observations:
A group of 3 infiltrators arrived. Some time later one of them was detected skulking, and attacked (obviously that member left before returning). One militia group was stationed in the courtyard and a second one in the room where the two infiltrating infiltrators were pretending to socialize (they were at roughly the same place, fortunately).
As soon as the attacker was engaged, the infiltrators started fighting with the stationed militia. This means that if you can identify the infiltrators you can station militia to let them sort neutral from foe, but that only works of the infiltrators aren't too spread out.

Edit: I ran out of space in Dropbox, and had to remove the save linked above to make room for the latest bug report save. I still have the save, but it would have to be requested.

Edit 2: Further pondering: The infiltrator behavior is probably caused by the loyalty mechanism (and in my latest attack two non infiltrator visitors (scholars and/or performers) were eliminated by the stationed militia, presumably because of ties to infiltrators being eliminated). It would make more sense if those visitors who have sufficient loyalty ties to an attacking returning infiltrator party member would be turned fully hostile (so the overseer can see it as well) as soon as the returning infiltrator attacks ("nothing will stand in the way..."), and when a fleeing thieving returning infiltrator is engaged. When doing that, it ought to be ensured the infiltrators actually become actively hostile (attacking or fleeing as per normal hostile behavior) rather than exhibiting panicky civilian behavior or attempting to perform ordinary activities. If it's possible to distinguish group members from "ordinary" visitors the shedding of the cover ought to apply to the infiltrators only, while ordinary visitors with sufficient ties to members of the infiltrator group should continue to act according to the normal loyalty rules.
A side benefit of turning infiltrators fully hostile on shedding their cover is that it should cause competing questers (and other military types) to engage them.