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0010677Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2018-03-29 18:422020-11-06 00:17
0010677: Dead raid dwarves treated as if they never existed
Sent dwarves to raid an enemy cave. Many deaths were listed in the mission report. Another was simply missing, though no mention of his death or capture was listed.

All dwarves who did not return are NOT listed in "dead/missing", and when examining their friends/family, no reference to their existence can be found whatsoever. Attempting to carve memorial Slabs to the deceased is impossible, as their names are nowhere to be found in the list.

This was particularly noticeable when I sent two legendary Swordsdwarves on a raid, and only one returned - with no memory of his former friend.
1. Check friendship relations of dwarves.

2. Send dwarves on a raid. Record names of dead.

3. Check relations of friends of dead dwarves; attempt to carve Slabs for dead dwarves; check Dead/Missing tab for dead dwarves.
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2018-04-02 00:22   
Was your world generated with "Cull unimportant historical figures"? If so, it might be a mechanism that's misbehaving.

You really should provide a save along with as much relevant information as possible. If "reproducibility = always" is correct, you can increase the chances that Toady looks at the issue sooner rather than later, as well as cutting down on his wasting time to build up the situation rather than actually doing something productive, by generating a save up to the point where you send off the raid, copy that save, complete the raid and verify the issue is present, reload the save copy and verify it does actually repeat, and provide that save.

If you've got a save just after a raid resulting in a loss, that might be useful if you can provide info on who you lost (if you're using Dwarf Therapist, it can serve as a "memory" if you don't refresh it, for instance. Exported Legends info might also be used as a "memory" [look up one of those who were friends with the lost one, and find the name in that preserved list of buddies]).

Since you reference this 0.44.07 bug report in the 0.44.09 thread, I assume you have verified that it does happen in 0.44.09 as well.
2018-04-02 16:09   
Just to randomly check a couple of things:
Do dead friends usually show up on relationships lists? I know family do, so presumably yes.
Is your dead dorf available as a hist-fig to draw pictures and make statues of?

Memorialization lists everyone who dies at your site, including all those useless bards who won't come back as ghosts. Your dorf didn't so it's kind of expected he wouldn't appear there (bug/missing feature with slabs I guess). If he comes back as a ghost, then yeah, serious bug.

What else makes you think he "doesn't exist" any more? Is he gone from Legends?
Urlance Woolsbane   
2018-04-02 16:23   
Do they vanish from the relationship-screen immediately after leaving the fortress? If so, then this is probably another side-effect of dwarves being removed from the citizens-roster when raiding.

2018-04-03 02:16   
Dead dorfs remain in relations lists. I've noted at some time that a dead dorf slipped down in the ranking, but at that time I didn't have the knowledge to investigate whether friendship rankings decayed over time, or if it remained steady while other dorfs' ranking increased.
2020-11-06 00:17   
New same issue 0011645