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0010678Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Raidspublic2018-03-30 01:472018-05-05 23:19
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PCLinuxx86_64 4.15
0010678: Debug printout after selecting site to raid corrupts the screen with PRINT_MODE:TEXT
https://i.imgur.com/sDmT6Qv.png [^]

It seems that debug output intended for standard output is somehow left in the game, corrupting anything that needs standard output to display the game, such as ncurses. It is still possible to regain sanity by hitting ESC to go back to the main fortress mode screen.

Simply try to _r_aid a site in text mode, or any other mode as long as you can see standard output, which will be spammed with that message.

Of course, perhaps that message might actually be useful, though it's difficult to determine what it says for somebody without access to the source.
Attempt to raid a site in the civ screen in fortress mode.
> Missing binding displayed: CIV_MISSION_DETAILS

Terminals tested: VTE-based and xterm

Save for completeness-sake: http://dffd.bay12games.com/download.php?id=13628&f=region3.tar.xz [^]
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This is the result of an interface.txt that belongs to an older DF version still residing inside the data directory, which is only replaced by the updated interface.txt once the old one is manually deleted. NOTABUG

Versioning the interface.txt would have avoided this, but this setup is different than "unzip and play", so I'm not sure whether it's necessary to print a diagnostic when an outdated interface.txt is detected.

This can be closed.
2018-05-05 23:19   
Thanks for the follow-up!