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0010679: Visitor without upper body dies in tavern
Stalith Tiquokara (Stalith Sparkleheats) human lord consort and older brother of local dancing occupation resident Sporro Obuhehan died suddenly while my attention was away not soon after the caravan left with the entire upper half of their body missing without a combat report or gore indicating a event.

Legends say that they suffocated on the site after retiring, how they obtained the injury is probably inconsequential because living in worldgen with injuries is known thing 0009763 , but they were previously a captured and reunited prisoner of a goblin civilization.
Locate Stalith Tiquokara dead corpse still in the tavern, either with investigative tools or by applying a exploit to view the dead unit's profile by going to human Sporro Obuhehan's relationship screen and selecting stalith to (v) view ,the upper half of their body is missing bloodlessly.

Cross reference with legends to show they expired naturally of suffocation on the player fortress site.
I didn't know this happened at first, i thought it was a fatality from alcohol over-consumption until i checked their relative by chance and saw their entire upper body was missing in their description.

I am not sure whether a site status update caused by the caravan leaving suddenly made this occur but it happened shortly after, with them mingling normally beforehand sharing intrigue dancing & drinking.

Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13629 [^]
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duplicate of 0000658acknowledged Footkerchief "His/Her upper body is gone" - every dead unit 
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Dead units reported with a missing upper body is 0000658, and those reports do not reflect the circumstances of their deaths.