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0001069Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Inventorypublic2010-04-12 22:252014-03-29 23:20
IBM-compatibleWin XPSP2
0001069: (g)et treats liquids as solid object in adventure mode
In adventure mode, if one comes across, say, a pool of blood, or swamp whisky, one can not only fill a flask with it, one can simply pick it up and put it in one's backpack. As many times as one cares to. It can be drunk from the backpack as normal.
Make an adventurer, find a pool of blood or spilled booze. Get it with g.
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duplicate of 0000310confirmed Dwarfu Liquids/Spatters on ground (water, booze, blood, bone meal, etc) can be picked up by adventurer an infinite number of times 
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Covered in 0000310.