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0010744Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2018-05-02 01:262020-02-10 21:45
0010744: Military assigns equipment they cannot obtain. Goes into battle half dressed with no weapons.
Noticing one of my axe lords was for some reason a wrestler, I decided to look him over. According to the military screen, he had a full set of gear. Upon looking at his personal inventory, he had no axe equipped! Nor a helmet. Nor a few other armor pieces. I got him to grab an actual axe by kicking him out of the military and putting him back in. Though looking at him again he's missing one of his gloves and his helmet now. (And a boot). I don't know *why* he can't get the items he has assigned himself. It's hard to search for specific instances of armor when there are so many masterwork steel gauntlets in my fortress. I think he's having trouble getting it from a bin or someone else has it equipped or something.
I don't really know. Many of my soldiers seem to have having this problem. I don't know if they can't get at bins or if the stuff they want is on someone else or if it's equipped by visitors or what.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13721 [^]

here's my current save. Check the equipment of my military VIA THE v MENU. Not the military screen.
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2018-05-02 03:48   
If you're using bins for the gear that's probably at least part of the problem. When someone puts some into a bin or takes something out of it that bin is locked for access until that process is finished (and the lock is applied a fair bit in advance). Anything inside the bin is inaccessible to anyone else while a bin is locked, so if your dorf is picking up a new task and the bin in which his right glove is is locked by someone else, a "pickup own equipment" task for that glove isn't generated.

Militia allocate specific pieces of equipment, so even if you've got a lot of identical items, only the allocated one will be equipped.
Also note that upgrading to better equipment might cause a ripple effect where squad member A drops a finely crafted left steel gauntlet and instead allocates a masterworks left steel gauntlet (which might not be picked up right away, but the dropping of the old equipment is performed immediately). Squad member B may then find that the fine left steel gauntlet is better than the decent one worn, and so drop that one while allocating the fine one, and so on down the chain. In an extreme case whole squads can strip completely naked at the shift of tasks if a complete set of better equipment is available for the top member.

You can work around some of these issues by not using bins and by specifying uniforms such that the next better stuff isn't made available until you have enough for the whole squad (at which time they'll all strip naked, but if you time things right they'll gradually equip themselves over a month or so).
2018-05-02 10:24   
How do I get the gear out of the bins?
2018-05-02 12:28   
Thank you for the save. The stocks screen shows only one unnamed masterwork steel battle axe with low-quality decorations, but the military equipment screen shows such an axe assigned to both Bomrek Savotunib and Kib Thunenzuntir. Alath Onulmelbil, meanwhile, has failed to equip a helm, boot, and gauntlet, but none of them are distinctive enough to determine if they are also doubly assigned.

Have these units been out raiding? Were they captured and recovered at some point? Has the fortress been unretired?
2018-08-29 18:19   
v0.44.12: Pyxl noted in 0010882 that the specific equipment list also sometimes allows assigning the same equipment to multiple dwarves.
2018-08-31 12:12   
(edited on: 2018-08-31 12:14)
Yep exactly (sorry about the duplicate)

I usually give them generic gear but once the system bug I give them specific ones.

Once I gave everything to everyone I look for part missing in every dwarf gear. Then I assign another one (I pick one random grey item of the list). At this point this is only luck.
To answer Loci question above, my dwarves have been raiding and this occurs if they have been captured or not.
I never use bins for the equipement.

Last thing Shonai Dweller asked in my original report if I get cancellation message, I don't. Not even one.

2018-08-31 17:50   
They will disregard the availiblity of weapons belonging to merchants and visitors when trying to select equipment which can partly manifest this bug. You can prove this by looking in the military equipment screen usually when humans flanked by guards arrive to trade wielding noticable exotic weapon types.

Technically it will be assigned to them until the visitor leaves despite being another faction's posession & in someone else's inventory, also other factors like weapon size apply.

Great-Axes are too big for dwarves to pick up non-two handed up to a size of:

So unless they were exceptionally tall (for a dwarf, only elves and goblins normally scrape by), they will leave the exotic weapons alone entirely when assigned to it unable to lift it up by default.
2020-02-01 14:23   
v0.47.01: Orkel posted a save in 0000535:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14709 [^]

The sword Urist Cilobzim has been assigned (*steel short sword*) is currently being wielded by 'Sword2' Olum.
2020-02-01 17:18   
Loci, would removing my armors and weapons from the bins fix it?
2020-02-02 10:46   
I removed all my binned weapons and armor from their bins using dumps and disabled bins in the weapon/armor stockpiles (and atom smashed the empty bins). Then removed all equipment from all of my squads, waited for them to put their equipment in the stockpiles (no bins), and re-assigned everything. Now it's properly assigned and dwarves are wearing what they should be wearing.

Seems the bins are causing this "double-assignment" bug. I'll keep an eye on it, if it happens again.
Toady One   
2020-02-10 21:01   
Orkel's 14709 save from 0000535: Looks like it is related to the raid issues - whole swaths of the fort-wide (rather than squad level) equipment tracking has been wiped, and this would have repercussions on assignments. Noticed there were three raid reports, so this is probably where it happened. I've found one problem with the raid code so far that would act somewhat like this, so I'm hopeful we'll have some progress in the next version. I'll also try to patch up saves as best I can, though once they start doing multiple assignments (or worse yet, real raid corruption), that gets harder.
2020-02-10 21:45   
Glad to hear that Toady. I've noticed equipment assignment issues popping up after one of the soldiers is suddenly "noblified" (baron via inheritance for example), not sure if it's related to raids, could be a separate issue too.