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0010753: Wagon stuck on approach to Depot, Depot no longer usable
Some merchants arrived. I ordered some goods to be taken to the depot.
Went to check some bins which were acting up as usual, then returned to the depot to add more stuff. Now depot is no longer available. It says "no merchants are available right now" (even though the depot is full of them). And there's a wagon stuck in the approach to the depot. It hasn't scuttled, it's just stuck.

'k' to look at the wagon allows me to see the wagon and the merchants sitting on it. The floor underneath the bottom-left wagon tile is worryingly labeled "dead".
Fortress is in full stress-related meltdown. Mad people all around. Probably someone upset the merchants.

Save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13749 [^]
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Ah, OK. I had left it for quite a while. But shortly after reloading and playing a bit the wagons all leave. I guess they were just packing up after being upset by a crazy dorf and the stuck one was waiting for the others to finish.
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Thanks for the follow-up.