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0010763Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2018-05-20 14:552018-05-22 14:18
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0010763: Clicking off the building tab while naming a building (With name blank) causes the program to stop responding
Clicking off of the building tab while naming a building (Tested with Farm Plot and Craftsdwarf Workshop) causes the issue. Specifically, the buildings had no characters in the naming area.
Build a workshop/farm plot
Press Ctrl+n to begin naming the building
Leave area blank
Click off of the building tab
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2018-05-21 07:40   
What does "click off" mean? You can't activate the buildings tab by clicking on it. Otherwise, most mouse support is provided by DFHack - can you reproduce the issue without DFHack?
2018-05-22 14:18   
I can only reproduce this with DFHack, so I'm closing this and have reported this issue in the DFHack issue tracker instead: https://github.com/DFHack/dfhack/issues/1285 [^]

In the future, please make sure that issues occur without DFHack or other utilities before reporting them here. If you can manage to reproduce this without DFHack, please feel free to reopen this report.