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0010766: Drive Off quest incompletable
The "Drive Off" quest, where you are tasked with removing a faction from an area, seems to be incompletable in some cases. After clearing a castle basement of all of said faction members, the quest is listed as "complete, report back" in the agreements log, however, when leaving the site, via fast travel or simply walking out, the quest returns to the previous state of "incomplete".

Only eleven faction members, being kolbolds in this case, spawned at any time, all in the same positions, with the same unit types (i.e: there was always this one archer in this one room, and there was always a hammerer and swordsman in the lowest level), in the seven different times I attempted to retry eradicating them.
I did not attempt anything further than the seven times I removed the kobolds, and my adventurer was killed a little while after, so I sadly cannot attempt to continue experimenting with this apparent bug.
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duplicate of 0009995acknowledged lethosor Hearthperson quest to "drive off" enemy group cannot be completed 
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See issue: http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=9995 [^]
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