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0010773: On ramps, items fall on dwarves, injuring uncovered body parts
This all-ramp fortress has been running since 125, so around 11 years. Along the way, I've had many reports of objects falling onto dwarves on ramps. But nearly all of them have been reported as deflected harmlessly by any amount of clothing. So it has been mostly annoying but harmless. A baby got a mangled leg from it, but he survived and the leg grew back. Now I've lost a dwarf to it.

This save should tell the story: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13786 [^] A dwarf has recently died. A block fell on his (unprotected) tongue, which broke his upper spine. You can see the combat report and the announcement.

I'm reporting this as a bug because I assume that ramps aren't intended to be this dangerous.
Build a big fort entirely with ramps, and wait. You'll see occasional reports of items being dropped on dwarves, and nearly always being deflected by clothing. Strip them of clothing and have them have them haul lots of items around. Somebody will eventually get injured.
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duplicate of 0005925acknowledged Toady One "Bin" attacks "dwarf" while carrying it over a "ramp + hatch cover" 
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It's not the ramps, it's the hatch covers (0005925). When a dwarf opens a hatch cover the tile reverts to the underlying type, in your case empty space. Any dwarf who was previously standing on the hatch cover will cancel their job because of "dangerous terrain", and drop whatever they were hauling. These items then fall and strike dwarves below.

Removing the hatch covers will prevent the injuries. You can also use traffic restrictions to encourage your dwarves not to walk on the hatch cover tiles and reduce the frequency of falling freight.