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0010781: Broker stuck (immobile) on stress-resolving tasks while "trader requested at depot"
A stressed out broker is performing "attend meeting" to resolve its stress. The mayor is performing "conduct meeting" to console the broker. But neither move toward each other; they just stand still for days. This only happens when a caravan is present (it happens during both dwarven and human caravan visits) and when the depot is set to "trader requested at depot".

(I'm pretty sure that the mayor's "attend meeting" is one with the broker, not with the outpost liason, because A) everything with the outpost liason works fine if the broker is not stuck, and B) the same thing seems to happen during human caravan visits)

Problematically, saving and reloading the save snaps the broker out of it. The broker starts moving as soon as you reload.

But, after the broker has their meeting successfully, you might see this happen:

A stressed out broker will perform "start fistfight", but they don't find anyone to fight with; they just stay still in their room for days. (Again, this happens when "trader requested at depot" is on) Saving and reloading it will not snap the broker out of it this time. But if you create some new "bring item to depot" tasks, the broker will snap out of it, and go perform those.
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You should be able to work around the issue by allowing anyone to trade to get the trading done. I suspect that would also bring the trader out of the lockup.
Odd bug, though.