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0010793Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2018-06-20 01:402018-06-20 15:29
0010793: Dwarves never idle interact to form relationships
Dwarves (or others) never idly interact with each other and therefore never form relationships. No marriages, no children, nothing.
Run fort with significant population in a single location.
Observe no marriages, no births, no interaction between dwarves.
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duplicate of 0008584confirmed Footkerchief Only original embark dwarves make friends/grudges 
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I believe that's incorrect. I just embarked (0.44.10, using a world created with 0.44.05) and let the game run, and after 3 months I have one lover when there weren't any at embark (presumably there's another to match, but I stopped looking after the second "dorf").

My "dorfs" are actually animal people (grackle men) modded to not need food and drink, so I can just let the game run while a DFHack script makes temperature measurements. I doubt that impact the social behavior, however.

It is a known long standing issue that dorfs have trouble forming relations, but I believe it's because their socializing is completely random, i.e. they socialize with whoever they happen to run into, which means a new visitor every time in many fortresses, rather than seeking out people they like (and friends and family, to satisfy needs to be with those).
2018-06-20 15:29   
Problems forming relationships are being tracked in 0008584. In a recent test fortress two dwarves idling in a tavern spontaneously married, so it *can* happen even though it is fairly rare.