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0010798Dwarf FortressInit Optionspublic2018-06-24 12:372018-06-24 14:14
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0010798: Not all 'O' tiles affected by pillar setting in d_init
Wall-building designations, Trade Depot pillars, and possibly more, are not affected by d_init's PILLAR_TILE setting.
Change PILLAR_TILE and designate a wall or build a Trade Depot.
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There are a limited number of tiles; many get used for multiple things. The trade depot is not composed of pillars (the tiles remain passable), and *all* wall designations are shown as a circle prior to completion (including those which will not be pillars once complete). You can find a list of tile uses on the wiki:

http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/Tileset [^]