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Goblin Cookie 
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0010820: Dwarves do not place artifact books from a reclaimed AI fortress in bookcases.
So I reclaimed an AI fortress. When I arrived there were books strewn about in the north-western quarter of the map. When I got round to rounding up the books in question and converting the starting tavern into a library with bookcases I find that the dwarves would not put them on the bookshelves, even when I made their stockpile part of the library. Otherwise they would use the books quite fine however, just no bookcases. The solution I came up with was just to add a books stockpile inside the library itself, which allowed them to use the books quite fine, even if not using space efficiently.
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Were the books previously stored inside a bookcase or display case in the original fort before retiring? To rule out any strange inheritance things where the books believe they are still in storage when they are infact removed that may have occurred.

Simple other checks like checking your bookcases are not forbidden can help (not suggesting they are but worth checking anyway).

> A save on the dwarf fortress file depot would help more acutely.
Goblin Cookie   
2018-07-09 11:03   
As I said, they were strewn about the north-west of the map. I actually have no evidence that *anything* is being placed inside containers outside the context of stockpiles, not just books.

It could be that like the way the clothing in the rooms is not properly sized either for the race that used to inhabit it, there is code missing or broken specifically for AI embarks, in relationship to inns/tavern/library storage. After all those things did not exist when Toady One created the map-code in the first place.

Save is here.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13877 [^]