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0010822: Human babies and childeren have beards and mustaches
A human children born in a dwarven civilization will have dwarven cultural traits. one of which is that it it will have a beard and a mustache, even tho in real life human children can't grow mustaches.
Get human monster hunters in your fort, wait for one to get pregnant.
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This one needs a save - http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] is ideal. Have you compared this to other (non-fort-born) human babies? Real life isn't always indicative of how DF behaves - dwarves children in DF do have beards (intentionally), after all.
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Is it intentional for dwarf babies to have beards? Yeah, the result seems acceptable, but it's only an accident. Same as a baby's dreams of ruling the world and preference for plump helmet beer. That accident is starting to look less acceptable now that we can witness human babies being born with beards if they're born into dwarf civs.
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I took a look at the human children (aged 10-12) in my fortress, and all males had facial hair. The save is too large to fit on DFFD, though.

As far as I see it it's probably a bug/oversight/simulation imperfection that children of any race get facial hair. Does DF have any means to have baby/child stages that are morphologically different from the adult one? If it doesn't, and one gets added, it might be possible to get larval stages for critters, or have baby dragons that are incapable of breathing fire (if desired), etc., as well as to assign sexual maturity related traits to the adult stage, including a different plumage for birds.