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0010823Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Transport/Haulingpublic2018-07-09 06:482018-07-09 18:29
0010823: Containers dumped on arrival to a stockpile aren't linked to the stockpile
I haven't yet fully verified that the summary line is 100% correct.

I saw that manager somehow counted random number of filled containers (pots, bags and bins) as available. Originally I couldn't link the number to any particular cause. But after starting a new game in 0.44.12 I have started to suspect the issues was related to minecart track stops having dump on arrival directly to stockpiles.

If a save is required I can setup a new world but none of my current saves have an easy minimal setup to test the issue.
I think following steps are easiest to reproduce the incorrect counting:
1. Setup trackstop to dump on arrival
2. Place a stockpile directly to tile where minecart is dumping
3. Setup hauling to take containers like seed bags or sand bags directly to track stop which dumps
I'm using DFHack build from sources.
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2018-07-09 13:07   
The "unavailable" items in containers are very likely caused by 0009004.

There is a bug when containers assigned to one stockpile are dumped by minecart in another stockpile: dwarves will carry them back to their "assigned" stockpile instead of reassigning them to the new stockpile (which is why booze can't be quantum stockpiled).
2018-07-09 18:06   
I'm pretty sure the report is about containers themselves being treated as "available" for manager purposes (e.g. work orders to make more containers based on the number of available containers), even when they have contents. 0009004 is a different kind of availability.

Suokko, I'll try to reproduce this (doesn't seem too hard), but a save might be helpful if I can't.
2018-07-09 18:29   
I couldn't manage to get barrels into minecarts reliably, unfortunately. Can you find a save?