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0010826: Miners will not dig multi-z cast obsidian.
Under some odd conditions miners will ignore mining designations. I verified that they will mine other stone without qualm; however, they dare not mine that which I wish them to most. I've checked and triple checked and moved them there as part of a squad to prove that they can move to the location. The priority is highest (1). I've played this game for several years and am frankly perplexed. Save file compressed and uploaded to file bin for your perusal.

https://filebin.net/qxp64l9wpnr4g9wq [^]
Channeling a large ~=(30 radius 7 depth) cylinder in the map, filling it with lava and casting it to obsidian 1 floor at a time worked. Digging the fortress I had planned out of it thereafter was a bust; this is why. I channeled down 1 layer around the cylinder, then prepared to dig into it. I designated the entire fortress to be dug and a tunnel into where to dig it. The dwarfs happily dug the outermost blocks in the tunnel and then promptly stopped. There were no warning messages. The designation is not un-designated. I tried digging different areas with the same result. I thought, is cast obsidian like a Fortification with no walkable top? I tried building a floor onto the tiles which had been dug into the cylinder. Floors were happily laid out. Still, the dwarfs venture no further.
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duplicate of 0008391acknowledged Loci Dwarves refuse to enter tiles which previously contained magma with TEMPERATURE: OFF 
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This is not actually a bug; it was caused by an unknown setting. Please mark as resolved. For any the the future with this issue, make sure temperatures are enabled in d_init