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0010835Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2018-07-14 15:332018-07-28 17:34
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0010835: Dwarves only regularly recieve positive passive thoughts admiring paved floors
Dwarves are unresponsive to their surroundings compared to other needs besides from paved roads, which they directly touch when passing over and are thus unavoidable but brushing up against placed objects out of a zone emits no or very infrequent effect.

While they acknowledge the value of displayed items relevant to rooms, when dwarves actually visit a museum (pulling them away from locations normally) they will observe the pedistals throughly with a odds of 1/10 noticing a displayed objects that fits thier preferences screen typically
Create paved floors of multiple different types of metal, colors and materials to accomodate varied dwarven preferences and run a fortress in which idlers pass over these high traffic roads between zones and observe their passive thoughts.

Alternatively read the thoughts of dwarves in museum zones with easily identifiable single types of furniture (like rock pedistals only)& furnish a museum with objects dwarves find uninteresting to their preferences to observe pedistal fixation.
I cannot remark whether dwarves have a seperate function to scan around them compared to scanning below them or if objects & furniture are marked seperately to paved roads which have survived the transitions of old DF to new DF post remodelled needs & thought/personality screens.

Dwarves will not notice things they dislike like murals/depictions of hatable vermin and respond in kind with revulsion as a side note, only responding to the real creature.
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Tested in v0.44.12 using this setup:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13927 [^]

Out of 100 total passes, dwarves admired the paved road 9 times, the quartzite throne 8 times, the copper chest 8 times, and most other furniture 5-6 times. Thoughts about the paved road were slightly higher (though within reasonable random variance), but 9 out of 87 thoughts is far from exclusive as stated in this report.