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0010839: Dwarves leaving map leads to percieved "danger level"
On a fort with much off-map activity, the constant leaving of dwarves seems to cause migrants to think the fort is dangerous. Despite having relatively few deaths and a large amount of wealth, I have been getting less and less migrants. Now a migrant wave came with the announcement "Some migrants have arrived, despite the danger". I think this is because of my active and very large military that constantly goes off-map to pillage and conquer neighbours, and them leaving the map being counted as "danger".

It is worth noting that very few of my dwarves have actually died or even remained outside the map for a long time, since whenever I conquer sites I recall all the soldiers except the commander.
1. Send dwarves off-site constantly to raid, pillage, conquer, etc. It might help to send many different dwarves as opposed to a small group many times.

2. Wait for migrants to come

3. The amount of migrants will steadily decrease and eventually you will receive a warning of the danger.
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I don't know how danger is calculated, but a save would probably help, since it would probably be possible for Toady to check on the danger level there. The process for reproducing this that you gave is very time-consuming.
2018-07-18 11:47   
Here is a world map: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13902 [^]

This was saved a tiny bit before a migrant wave came if that's relevant. Also, I realize the process is extremely time consuming, but I can't imagine of any other way to do it, since the bug inherently needs a bunch of raids to be sent out.
2018-07-18 12:52   
Yeah, I'm not saying that the process could be made faster - the issue is that it takes a long time for other people to reproduce the issue again, including Toady. Since Toady has a lot of bugs to look at, ones that take a long time for him to reproduce usually aren't practical to fix without an existing save.

A migrant wave arriving soon definitely is relevant and should make it easier to reproduce, so thanks. I took a quick look at your save - not long enough for a wave to show up, but it doesn't appear that any dwarves are stressed, which rules out one alternative cause I was thinking of.