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0010843: Two dwarves refuse to stop traveling, Squad still works
On my 43.05 origin fort I sent a squad to conquer an elven site, they did, and returned, but they started leaving again after I sent a messenger to have them return, I canceled that order but now two of them are stuck traveling permanently, but I can still send raids with the remaining members, I have no idea if they go on the raids with the others, but I do know they don't come back after a raid completes.
Well I guess you would need to conquer a site, have them return, hope the order starts again, let some leave and then cancel the order, I think that's what happened anyways
Same fort from 0010817 issue
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http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13904 [^]
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Dwarves leaving to repeat missions was addressed by 0010801 in v0.44.12.

Were you using v0.44.12 when you sent the dwarves on the raid?