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0010849: Werebeast bug where it crashes the game or missing limbs do not regenerate properly (save attached)
So far this has happened at every time I have tested it out. In any interaction involving a character transforming in the manner of a werebeast (modded or normal) the character will, right after transforming, be healed as they usually are. However, upon waiting or traveling on the world map, and reverting from the world map, the character will once more be missing any limbs they lost prior to the transformation. This seems like a bug to me because if it was intentional, the limbs would be shown as missing right away.

Here is a save demonstrating the problem. This bug may be more severe than I first thought, however, as it turns out that, for me, anyway, after waiting long enough for the transformation to revert, the game simply crashes.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13925 [^]

If it doesn't crash for you, then following the steps to reproduce should reveal the bug. I have had some other people test it as well, and it does crash for them.
Make a character in adventure mode and have him lose a limb. I do this by making a character, retiring him, making another character, and then using the second one to dismember the first. I put no stats into the first one, and demigod into the other, so it is easy. I then retire the second character and resume playing the first one. I then take the first character and save the game before toppling a statue, reloading the save if I end up as something other than a werebeast. When I am cursed to be a werebeast, I wait until the transformation takes hold and wait it out. If I don't crash at the end, I will then check to see if all my limbs are where they should be, and upon seeing that they are, will wait or travel the overworld map for a square or two, and check again. They should then be missing.
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So I have updated the bugged save link I posted. More specifically, I have two of them now as I figured out how to circumvent the crash. The one titled 'bugged werebeast crash' will crash the game upon entering and exiting the overworld map, and the one titled 'bugged werebeast limb bug' is the result of me idling without waiting or fast traveling until the werecurse ended, which did not crash the game. However, upon entering and exiting the fast travel map or waiting, you will see that the character, who previous had no injuries, is now missing a hand, which I had removed prior to his being cursed.