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0010852Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Soundpublic2018-07-29 14:382018-07-29 15:01
0010852: Game always start with max volume, even when volume is set to 0
Seems like setting volume to any value doesn't have any effect. While changing [SOUND:NO] does disable all sounds, [VOLUME] seems to be ignored by the sound engine. The UI correctly shows the volume set in the init.txt file, and changing it immediately apply the changes (be it from 255 to 0 or from 255 to 100). Seems like there is a missing branch somewhere.
Modify the init.txt file to change the [VOLUME] tag to any value.
Start the game
Observe that while Sounds and music says the volume set in the init file, the sound effects have max volume.
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duplicate of 0004540confirmed Footkerchief [VOLUME: 0] initially has no effect in Linux 
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