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0010856Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2018-08-07 00:182020-02-01 07:51
0010856: Getting "caught in the rain" seems way too stressful now.
Part of the problem is that now they can dwell on getting caught in the rain or recall times they were caught in the rain. In a recent fortress, this has caused multiple dwarves to sink into depression, just about all on its own. It would probably be enough to either cap stress from certain sources, only adding more stress as the stress levels fall. Either that, or classify certain "minor stressors" that people don't dwell on as much (or for as much stress).
Embark in a rainy swamp, and see what happens.
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Can confirm. That's why I only assign fisherdwarves in biomes where it doesn't rain. In temperate or tropical biomes I outright unassign fisherdwarves. Don't get me started on plant gatherers.

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Bumping this to add that it still seems this way in 47.01. My dwarves have seen plenty of death, but getting caught in the rain seems to be the main thing to give them trauma and change their personalities.

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