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0010879Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2018-08-26 09:032018-08-27 01:36
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0010879: Golbin and Beast Corpses arn't Prioritized for Dumping if Marked
Goblins and other beasts bodies/corpses aren't prioritized for dumping when marked as to dump. This causes problems as that they linger around and dwarfs get bad thoughts from seeing them. With the recent changes to the stress model this is causing great problems in my forts. There is no work around for this in the base game that I know of.
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We're going to need more information on what exactly is happening, and what you think should be happening.

If the corpses are outside, verify that your standing orders allow outdoor refuse collection.
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If I understand the report correctly, it's really a suggestion, not a bug. Corpse and refuse hauling have a higher priority than dumping, so dump marking corpses is probably counter productive to start with. We already know refuse hauling does not prioritize fresh corpses (that can be butchered, or at least prevented to stink up the place) over decade old bones, but again, that's a suggestion issue, not a bug one.
I haven't seen anything indicating big/scary corpse bits would get a higher priority than half teeth, which isn't surprising as differentiating the scariness of different bits is a new addition. However, that would also make sense as a suggestion.

If you're overrun with corpse bits you might want to 'f'orbid everything with d-b-f and then manually unforbid the important ones individually and let corpse/refuse hauling do their job. Once the main bits have been removed you can d-b-c the area to get them to collect the rest.