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0010881: Rain doesn't create mud or water crops
In my current fort I've walled off a large area on top of a hill, primarily for windmills, but I also have a pasture and butchery there. I've tried building farms but they don't work, even though it seems to be raining most of the time. While building a farm plot I get "No mud/soil for farming", and after it's built, it says no seeds are available for it, even though I actually have hundreds of outdoor seeds stockpiled from two years of plant gathering / brewing / milling.

Additionally, I channelled out a higher area, leaving bare rock. This hasn't turned to mud or soil despite lots of rain.
Generate a pocket world and embark in a temperate, non-evil area (i.e. where you will get normal rain). Set dwarves to gather plants and stockpile them, then brew some to get seeds. Wait for rain, then try to plant them.

For the "channelled area doesn't get mud" part, channel out some bare rock and wait for rain.
Example save at http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13982 [^] - there are chicory seeds in the stockpile but the farm plot can't use them. New farm plots say "no mud/soil for farming". It has been raining about half the time.
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The yellow warning message "No mud/soil for farm" is incorrect (0000249). The red message "Needs soil or mud" is accurate.

Seed 'plantability' depends on the site biome(s). In your example save, you don't have any seeds that will grow in the biome at the top of the site. But building a farm in the woods at the bottom of the site allows planting your chicory, kaniwa, and millet seeds.

While 1/7 water produces mud, rain doesn't produce 1/7 water in-game unless it lands on a murky pool tile. The resulting lack of mud from rain is fairly realistic, given that rainstorms generally don't convert roadways to mud.

Watering crops is not implemented at present.