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0010885: Text spam after 'claiming this site for your own'
In Vanilla 44.12: I chose 'claim this site for your own' option from the talk menu when talking with the lady of the site. She replied something in the lines of 'over my dead body' so I attacked and then stepped back a bit because she had military backup. At a point she takes a walk out of the place and a message pops up on the screen in the lines of 'you are the owner of this place now'.She was still alive and shortly after she came back to the site and I was curious if I was still the owner of the place. I ask her about the owner of the site and I was spammed with the popup of 'you are the owner of this place'. I pressed enter a few times until it disappeared but in the next frame, spam again, and then again, unable to play.In forums someone else had the same problem. Thankfully with a save and reentering the game it was had stopped the spamming.Also when these pop ups show it also logs it into the log like so : https://imgur.com/a/t3gPkVz [^]
-choose 'Claim site for own' option
-Attack owner(?)
-Chase owner out of site(?)
-Get ownership
-Ask someone about the owner of the place
I might help with the bugs with more reporting this is my first time so feedback about the reports themselves is appreciated
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duplicate of 0009781confirmed Loci Peaceful takeover, but only for one tick - plus announcement spam 
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