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0010888Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2018-09-01 11:502018-09-19 13:18
0010888: Severe lag due to bugbat pathing through pet-impassable door
When the game is paused, it acts normal, but when i unpause the game, FPS drops to <1 for some reason. Also dwarfs are trying to store some mystery item that i haven't discovered yet.
!!save file!!
I used "drain-aquifer" command, and ressurected several dwarves through DFHack.
Don't know if that matters or not.

Save file:
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13998 [^]
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duplicate of 0000797confirmed Footkerchief Animals/pets repeatedly try to find path through pet-locked/"tightly closed" doors, causing lag 
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So i revealed the map and found out that underground troglodytes and serpent men are having a war. My dwarves were trying to store their weapons and corpses. I don't think the "drain-aquifer" command caused dwarves to act strange. Though i still can't figure out what causes game to lag.
2018-09-04 02:28   
It's probably a known issue. DF detect things in the revealed parts of the cavern that is scheduled for hauling (although that wouldn't be a mystery item), but pathing fails because there isn't a reveled path to the item (but there is a path, or the item would not be scheduled for hauling).
Now your case is somewhat different in that the items aren't visible, but it's probably the same issue at the heart of it.

Unless you've changed the default settings, the items carried would be automatically forbidden when the units were killed, but the corpse would not. You may want to try to look in your stocks screen and forbid all the corpse parts that are likely to be from cavern critters (and their inventories, if you've changed the settings to not forbid those when dropped).

Sending militia to map the cavern (and thus reveal paths to the items) would allow your dorfs to risk their lives collecting garbage from the cavern.
2018-09-04 06:24   
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After three hours of searching for a reason of lags, i found it. BUGBAT. I think bugbat just unsuccesfully tries to fly through the wall. When i kill it via DFhack, the game goes back to normal. The problem is solved, but bug still exists.

2018-09-19 13:16   
You can identify the "mystery items" by using "view job" on the jobs screen.