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0010905: Quester received quest from dead character
During the last days of the 12:th month my fortress was contacted by a quester seeing "On The Trees" on behalf of a character. I export Legends Mode info at the last day of every year, and looked up the quest giver in the latest (almost a year old) export (using Legends Viewer). The Legends info claimed that the quest giver died during the winter, which means over a year ago. Yet the quester claimed to have been looking for the item for a few months.
None of my modifications are expected to affect the issue. However, I'm using LNP r03 with DFHack Multilevel View and Performance Tweaks together with the Phoebus tileset. The world was generated with this LNP version with raw changes to make grelins large enough to wear manufactured clothes, bananas changed to yield wood to make them appear on the embark, goblins changed to start only on glaciers (for placement). In addition to this, (semi)megabeast and civ attack triggers have been changed. The world is a PSV world where a DFHack script has added all legal plants and animals to all surface biomes, and made all glaciers Evil. I'm also using a script to enable/disable farming and fruit gathering zones to regulate booze production.

I've used DFHack to name the quester "On The Trees", and he returned virtually immediately after leaving, and so is again on the embark. I don't remember the name of the quest giver, only that he has visited my fortress earlier and a number of books in it probably were written by him, but I failed to see anything indicating any relation to the book thought (although I cannot rule out sloppy reading).

DFFD save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14031 [^]
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The quested apparently returned to demand the item again (i.e. waiting in the save will have the quester approach the fortress again). The quest giver is named Aba Necroparched and died on the 7:th of Moonstone due to old age.