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0010909Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2018-09-26 16:352018-10-06 08:32
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0010909: Dwarfs won't butcher flesh ball killed in combat
Long-term resident monster slayer killed a flesh ball in the caverns. Dwarfs carried the corpse to a refuse pile. Attempting to assign butchery tasks results in task cancellation. Corpse does not appear to be rotten.
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2018-09-27 02:30   
Could you please attach a save? Ideally from DFFD so that people can evaluate and understand your issue report.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^]
2018-09-27 07:36   
Save uploaded to dffd: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14038 [^]

A second flesh ball was killed, this time by a dwarf, and this corpse isn't butcherable either. I had suspected that the first incident was caused by the monster slayer doing the killing, but now it looks like flesh balls are no longer butcherable.
2018-09-27 13:00   
Thank you for the save. It's possible that the new damage mechanics are reducing the size of the "mangled" corpse below the minimum for butchering. A "less damaged" corpse (from caving-in a constructed floor, perhaps) might still prove usable.
2018-10-06 08:15   
A butcher won't butcher if there aren't any items to take such as meat & bones to a minimum standard size to exist, on how literally bodies are converted into products.

Vermin organs like acorn fly brains cannot exist by butchery, but they are there to take from the embark screen when availible & through trading wagons, but cave crawler vermin are large enough to harvest a single hunk of meat when captured in a trap.
2018-10-06 08:32   

[USE_MATERIAL_TEMPLATE:MUSCLE:MUSCLE_TEMPLATE] not skin -- it is eaten rather than tanned

Is supposed to make the skin edibly converted into meat on the flesh balls RAW's by conversion elaborating on its enormous 70000 (10% taller than a human) girth that is bound to be full of edible things. But gives away no products or all of it is destroyed when the ball is killed which would be suprisingly deep.

This seems indicative of a problem with butchering [BODY:BASIC_1PARTBODY] or whatever we could consider to be a (central body point) without limbs.