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0010919: Dwarf name wrong in raid report
The raid on Glazedgranite report shows that a dwarf "Tun Lushwire" led the attack and killed the goblin zombie Driventree. However, I don't have a dwarf named Tun Lushwire, and the captain of the guard "Bedo Ecsharulac" is credited with the skill on their kill info.

Save link: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14059 [^]
I forgot to make a copy of the autosave before I made the save to upload.
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duplicate of 0010530confirmed lethosor Mission Reports reveal Spies and Vampires 
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Tun Lushwire is a spy who immigrated to your fortress under a false name (0010490).
True names being revealed in mission reports is 0010530.