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0010921Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Holdingspublic2018-10-07 14:572020-12-22 04:51
Knight Otu 
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0010921: Requested worker is a "Merchant", doesn't work
I requested a worker from a holding. When the dwarf arrived, he was listed as a "Merchant" and (almost) completely uncontrollable.

Request worker should clear the merchant flag, or, at the very least, inform the player that the potential worker is a merchant who won't actually do any work.
related to 0005098resolved Toady One "Friendly" migrants with Trader profession act like on-the-job merchants 
has duplicate 0011129resolved Loci Requested worker is a "Merchant" and arrive with traiding horse 
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2018-10-07 15:26   
If you post a save to dffd, that would help solve the issue. It's almost impossible to replicate.
2018-10-21 14:25   
Unfortunately I don't have a save from before I requested the merchant. As a workaround, I made the merchant a militia captain using the [n]obles menu and sent him on a suicide mission.
2019-07-26 11:45   
v0.44.12: frase222 posted a save in 0011129:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14478 [^]
2020-03-02 07:56   
Had this happen with two requested workers in 0.47.x, save is unfortunately gone as I did not know this bug report existed.

2020-03-02 08:11   
Merchants appear sometimes as a 'traveller' type of visitor if you have a organized-religious site and/or a tavern (along with other guests who wish to visit both with no speciality roles attached to temple visitation, just shared faith) on ver 47.xx's (last seen on 47.03)
2020-03-02 12:07   
Weird offsite behaviour can also be seen in normal long-term visitors being sent & returned like through 0010966, excluding spies because they now drop their identities.

No real change will probably occur until player is put in full ownership of the population or the parent civ is halted from assigning certain roles in those economic hamlets.
2020-03-26 04:25   
What I did:
I have requested 19 workers. My messenger was an administrator hauler turned into an elite swordsmen in my professional military squads. Basically hauler without profession.

What happened:
All 19 requested workers arrived with profession "merchant" and refuse to work. I can't assign them even to military squads. The messenger, who was impossible to be removed from hauling before, now refuses to do anything but non-stop "idle" in yellow or "socializing!" in bright purple color.

Does this feature works for any one? If it works for anyone, then please tell:
- What profession of messenger you had?
- Did the messenger ever got back to work, after that mission?

PS. I could bother with hex edit poke on the uncompressed save, but I would need to know what number is for bugged "merchant" and what number is for normal "peasant". Still, it would not return me my poor idling now for ever messenger. His skills did not change a bit. Now, I need to reload from an earlier save. Why Toady even bothered to put this broken thing into DF?
2020-12-19 12:13   
I have the same issue. I requested 2 workers and both come as merchants.
I uploaded my save, maybe it will help with debugging.
https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15352 [^]

I called the mentioned workers "Merchant1" and "Merchant2".