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0010923: Kobold sites contain duplicate items
Kobold sites have little pits containing the treasure for that lair. In Adventure mode, the contents of these sites can be checked out directly. The bug is that a single tile of the treasure hoard tends to contain duplicate treasure for no apparent in-world reason. The duplicates retain quality and decorated/not-decorated status, but the subject of e.g. figurines may be different. There tends to be 3 duplicates of each of 20 or so items in each tile of the hoard. As an example: if the second item on a particular tile is a -<brass bracelet>-, then the 22nd item is also a -<brass bracelet>- and the 42nd item is another -<brass bracelet>-. Artifacts, if present, are not duplicated.
Generate a world with kobolds and (in my case) other civilizations for them to steal from. Go visit a kobold lair as an adventurer--I tend to do this in my worlds 200-300 years into history. Go to the treasure pile and look at what's in it.
I don't know if this is some bizarre artifact of world generation or just a straight item duplication bug. I haven't checked it in worlds where I've played a fortress mode game so I don't know about that interaction. I have seen at least two separate worlds with this issue though.
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Thieves have preferences like any other intelligent being, are you sure they aren't just picking up allowed items they are able to take that also coincide with their personal tastes?

A save would be able to debunk this, as you could follow the particular career of a theif to see what they take, then use DFhack or other tools to summon & make them fortress aligned so you could get a look into their mind screen.