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0010932Dwarf FortressCivilizations/Entities -- Generalpublic2018-10-18 06:492020-02-16 09:11
0010932: Elves buff animal efficiency in world generation with tactics
Elves & (and sometimes other civs) field a lot of typically powerful animals, who recieve buffs via the tactician property, armies can take 30 or more giant (large predatory animal normally) and subsequently win battles they would have slimmer odds in a real time battle versus the soldiers and equipment they are facing.

With immortality, they perpetually improve their tactics and only becomes stonger over time to overcome their wooden items and mediocre soldiers with grotesquely strong animals in worldgen.

Local site defences with on-site animal population breeding become unbreakable to raid with dwarves if a high powered tactician takes charge without a massed highly tactical attack requiring least a 100 or more well equipped troops to clear out the largest outside the scope of normal DF play.
Run world generation for a extended period of time with savage biomes set to high in order to supply elves with large animals, monitor the wars and battle outcomes in legends.

Apply the comparison of how intense a in game elven siege is versus a worldgeneration one.
Suggestion to rectify: Tactics only affect soldiers fully, with a 25% cap on animals and slow learners as to stop local defences making civilizations unable to be conquered without a highly trained local civilian population, even empty sites populated by just animals can repel raids. EI 0007526
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2018-10-18 22:33   
But...elves and nature...is this really a bug? "Elves can command animals in battle" sounds WAD for pretty much every fantasy setting out there. Suggestion to nerf them a little, yeah, but bug?
2018-10-20 09:45   
It creates one sided battles on the combined strengths of how powerful immortal tacticians are comparatively to what a mortal (even long lived like dwarf) tactician could acheive in their lifetime, best described in the context of elves.

'bug' pertains to the uneveness of combat for the animals themselves compared to sentient troops & how animal defences can have 10's, 100's or 1000's of tactically buffed animals breaking the cohesion of the game by making certain sites virtually invincible via defence leaders. (more or less a exerpt of the detail in the summary)
2020-02-16 03:24   
Immortal tacticians are still quite strong in 47.02 (with centuries of experience) but since the animal recruit bug has been subdued, they rely more on a bulk of elf-warrior combatants rather than any animal to-hand. So this is pretty much resolved to a normal level now and can be closed.