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0010934Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferencespublic2018-10-18 21:052018-10-21 14:03
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0010934: "Individual Combat Drill" does not satisfy the need to "practice a martial art"
Other sorts of military training (sparring, demonstrations, etc) all satisfy the need to "practice a martial art" and refresh the associated focus level decay timer, but "Individual Combat Drill" (both the green idle off-duty version and the yellow active-duty version) does not.
* Train a soldier until they're skilled enough to choose "Individual Combat Drill" in their idle time
* Remove them from their squad so they cannot train or fight
* Wait for their "practice a martial art" need to decay to unfocused, distracted, etc
* Add them to a new squad by themselves and assign a training barracks
* Watch them do "Individual Combat Drill" forever and still never satisfy their martial need
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