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0010940Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Saving/Loadingpublic2018-10-26 08:532018-11-05 16:20
WindowsWindows7 64bit
0010940: Game crashes during save
Last text on the screen is "Cleaning Game Objects" It appears that changes in world state are preserved, but this crash is now constant. It seemed to happen after I finally broke through to a cavern, that was the most significant change of the day.
open game load game save game
Also...dwarves won't build stairs underneath the main hallway. I have 3 downstairs by the trade depo, I originally had one down stair and one up/down below it, I wanted to add two more next to that, the down stairs were created but I can't get the dwarves to build or designate up stairs below the new sections.
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duplicate of 0000277acknowledged Toady One Game crash during saving game - cleaning objects phase 
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"Also...dwarves won't build stairs underneath the main hallway..."

You have constructed floors on those tiles (shown by the green 'C' in designations mode). Remove the constructed floors (d-n) and then construct or dig downstairs instead.

The forums are a better venue for gameplay assistance:

http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?board=7.0 [^]