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0010942Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2018-10-30 15:242018-10-30 16:02
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0010942: Wagon is on the second depot but not unloading.
1st year and its fall. Dwarven caravan arrives, one wagon (A) goes to one of my depots completely underground, while the other one goes into a different one that is a bit more above ground (B). Wagon A unloads but wagon B is simply on top of the depot without unloading.
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duplicate of 0000466confirmed lethosor Multiple trade depots cause the merchants/traders to behave oddly 
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2018-10-30 15:26   
Just noticed that wagon A has appears to have unloaded but when I check it, it says, "There are no merchants trading right now."
2018-10-30 15:27   
Also this is in fortress, my bad :p (First time using this.)
2018-10-30 16:01   
Multiple trade depots are known to be problematic (0000466). Forbidden depots won't distract the merchants (when forbidden prior to the caravan's arrival and not unforbidden during their visit), but after they've already pathed to the wrong depot there isn't much to be done.