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0010966Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2018-12-06 00:532022-04-21 10:53
0010966: Long-Term Visitors can be sent away and return to be buggy citizens over time
A visitor who used to be a long term resident i sent away to one of my economically linked dwarf holdings, in the last year returned but decided that they live in my fortress erronously.

They have no relevant information to living inside my civilisation aside from being a member of the Fresh craft (economically linked hillock (Buffmirror in my civ)) while being a citizen of the Misty Confederacies (Human civ to the west) instead of the Lances of Courage (myself) while actually living on site.
Open save and locate Cosla Kilathomod (Skinnyhugs) 'human thresher'/occupation spearman mercenary and inspect their personal data.

Refer to the image in additional information for how they came back.

They have no modifiable labours, nor can be assigned to a squad and had never accepted a petition on or off site and have lost their long-term resident status so no longer take up a tavern bed.
I know announcements don't really work very well in saves shared peer to peer so i've took a picture of my current save's announcement log to highlight

( https://puu.sh/CdhwC/34db1f680d.png [^] )

Just to be warned a goblin siege is arriving immediately, but will take a little while to actually trot over to the fortress, so keeping the game paused while you gleam information is advised so you dont have to deal with it.

Save will be attached in a note.
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related to 0010517resolved Toady One Citizens from other cities enter the map with '<blank> has returned' with no editable labors or petitions 
related to 0011001new  "Stasost Snamozarosp, Goblin Dancer and others have returned.", but have never been at the fortress 
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Save attached: ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14141 [^] )
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This appears to be a accidental workaround resurgance of 0010517 as the description matches exactly.
2022-04-21 10:52   
To re-update this report; a recent discussion has revealed a methodology where sending petitioning combat roles (mercenary/monster-hunter) to station offsite will make them return and apply for citizenship, wheras normally they wouldn't in the 2 years full petition span by re-assigning them (see URL below)

< http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=145317.msg8368968#msg8368968 [^] >
2022-04-21 10:53   
I believe they're rooted in a similar issue with the difference in subjective location affecting the outcome (economic other site vs owned sites), but this is versions behind the latest and i will source a fresh 47.05 save when i can.