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0010969Dwarf FortressArenapublic2018-12-09 12:242018-12-09 13:38
0010969: Detached body part items are dragonfire immune in arena mode
Bodies left behind by can notibly degrade to temperatures, but smaller offshoot body parts like dismembered limbs, bones and teeth (unclarified if extends to skeletons) cannot catch fire or be destroyed by dragonfire.

Bodies will smoke up, take !!xxdamage statesxx!! yet everything from those corpses won't light a cinder.
Hack, slash and beat some variable teeth & dismembered limbs manually or by watching fights in the arena.

When you are satisfied, drop a dragon and fry the winner & burn all the the corpses by assuming control, and back out to the main arena to pass time. The place will smoke up while the corpses burn according to mass but the detached parts wont.

Repeatedly spew flames as the dragon over the unaffected seperate parts.
0006517 : "Dragonfire ignores metals" & 0002377 "Corpse pieces that are non-processable for ethical reasons don't disappear"

May also account for skeletons and the like that became persistent into "partial skeletons" described if the items are not affected by rotting or other connected issues.

Incase relevant, the detached body parts i was trying to fry was a alligator's feet, may be worth checking some other creatures with normal skin though the scales would not offer protection RAW-wise.
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Just for extra clarification, a 'iron man' will yield a statue when killed which can be melted instantaneously by dragon fire in a second blast, but corpse parts on the ground made of metal (if you were to bite off the limbs) do not react.

Subjective to targeting you can run around ontop, near & far blasting away as the dragon and you won't affect it at all.

DFhack reveals that all the objects unaffected by the fire are room temperature, though a previously mentioned alligator corpse is still burning from the start of this test significantly longer than any other fullbodied corpse despite repeated dragonfire bursts.

Setting ambient temperature to 'dragonfire' in weather controls is also comparable.