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0010970Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Moodspublic2018-12-15 05:232018-12-15 08:00
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0010970: Mood dwarf pushed by tantrum
A guy was minding is own business (fey mood) in its claimed workshop (already got the message of him beginning to work with everything needed) when a tantruming dwarf tried to punch him... he rolled and scrambled away but now he is standing in the north-east corner of the workshop, doing nothing and waiting to go insane.
Wait for a strange mood, let the job start and have somebody punching the crafter.
Tantrum and strange mood used to be a death sentence so I am not hoping to recover the soon-to-be-mad dwarf. It just seems to me that he should immediately go mad, after all his work is ruined, I would be mad.
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duplicate of 0009833acknowledged Loci Moody dwarf scared from the workshop doesn't return to claimed workshop, goes insane after some time 
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