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0010975Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2018-12-19 22:212018-12-31 05:45
Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1
0010975: Crashes when a human caravan leaves map
Crashes when a human caravan leaves map
They have 6 wagons, some donkeys and guards. after wagons are gone, several seconds later, game crashes.
I'll link my savefile. I've never had this before.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14158 [^]

game will crash in 3 minutes.
1x1 embark.
sold bunch of dyed x'clothes'x to them.
4 races in the fort now.
disabling dfhack didn't solve this problem.
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2018-12-23 02:58   
Just tried "exterminate" command to kill all human merchants, but it crashed anyway. it is now unplayable! maybe a siege, or something is coming at that is what crashes the game. I don't know. no idea at all. this is so sad and frustrating.
2018-12-23 07:49   
Someone found out canceling all ongoing jobs can solve this problem(and a vile force of darkness arrives right after the merchants leave, so it is not something to do with the merchants maybe. That workaround is still not working for me.
2018-12-23 08:52   
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just had another friendly user tried my savefile, and he had no crush.
I'm really confused right now. I want to avoid this problem, but still have no clue what it is.

I have i3220 3.3GHz CPU, 8GB RAM(4x2 DDR3), and 500GB HDD

I turned off TEMPERATURE, WEATHER long before to improve FPS

2018-12-31 05:45   
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about 10 years have passed. I had same problem again. human caravan leaves, game crashes.

But this time, a werebeast appears right next to a leaving caravan, battles them. sometimes It does not crash. :0

still no clue, and wondering why.