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0010980Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2018-12-20 21:272020-02-24 13:13
Windows 101010
0010980: Prisoners freed from chains are put in cages instead of being let go
Haven't confirmed how often this happens, but in at least some cases, where someone is convicted of a crime and given a prison sentence that includes them being attached to a chain, when their sentence completes, rather than letting them go, the captain of the guard puts them in a cage. I can still manually remove them from the cage, but it seems a little odd. In all the cases I've seen, the prisoner has been a visitor, not a citizen, but don't know how often that happens.
* Have chains(not cages) set up for justice to use.
* Have cages in a stockpile.
* Have visitors in your fortress.
* Have a visitor throw a tantrum or kill someone.
* Have the captain of the guard arrest them.
* Wait for them to finish their sentence.
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related to 0007664new  Problems with wild creatures placed on restraints 
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This is the 'handle dangerous animal' job routine, you will need to pasture/pit/pond or release them via linking up to a mechanism otherwise.

It was added to save dwarves from having to drag animals from each restraint, or even to the pitting area dangerous with frequent accidents of them breaking free of a dwarf's grasp when they can instead take and transfer between hauled cages safely.
2020-02-24 09:40   
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I've seen this several times, and only noticed when I saw a few friendly guests in cages, in an animal stockpile.

I built the cage to then release them, but building the cage with a visitor in this state spams hundreds of "<citizen> cancels Release <caged guest>: Wrong justice state."

Releasing them (via linked mechanism) sets them free and stops the job cancellation spam.

(DF 0.47.03, macOS 10.15.3)

2020-02-24 13:13   
I discovered this with an experiment-race visitor who had destroyed some buildings when I saw him in the list of animals I could assign to my pasture. I got him out by assigning him to that pasture.