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0010989: Visitors and some merchants return underground
Just saw 2 merchants with donkeys traveling through third cavern layer...

Visitors and some merchants return underground. They come from above, but returns underground whenever the main entrance is somewhat overcrowded. I've never tried it with wagons(because it needs 3 tile wide hallways) but this... looks very weird and sometimes annoying when there are some FUN just waiting for them.
Have a trade depot deep in your fort
Main entrance busy reloading cage traps

They go to caverns and sometimes die!
I think it is not a bug but just a weird AI.
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Merchants and visitors do arrive via the rough alignment of direction incoming where they have been and leave where they are going, It may be sensible to assume that they have decided to travel via a goblin tunnel/otherwise tunnel going to or through your site or just think its a good alternative exit.

How sensible/complex travellers are also came up as a issue in 0008508

Checking the C map and putting paved roads up to the cavern exits would probably be the wisest to control the flow through fortification overlooked passageways, besides from just sealing them up when able with bridges to block access.
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Related to 0000961 (directly), 0010873, and 0002355 across versions 31.02 to present 44.12 unresolved.