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0011060Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2019-03-22 19:142019-03-22 19:14
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0011060: Vampire purge text: "Fled in order to flee"
Vampire purge description includes the awkward statement "In the late winter of 999, the serpent woman vampire Menadi Dipached fled to Fernmessiah in order to flee."

Same sentence is in Menadi's historical figure description, which is confusing as it doesn't mention the vampire purge at all there, so we can't tell what caused them to flee.
Check out vampire purges in Legends. Those who survive to flee will probably have this.
Not going to upload this save (it's a thousand year world, way too big for something so trivial.). Will reproduce and post in a smaller world if necessary.

Probably should be "...fled to Fernmessiah in order to flee the seventeenth vampire purge in Screamedthin". Or just "...to flee a vampire purge", but the former is more informative for those bouncing around Legends trying to form a story.
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