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0011065: Dwarf sparring through walls
Second time I noticed that my military dwarves seem to be teleporting through walls during training (presumably sparring?).
First time was v43.11 and had built an above ground circular tower with about a 7 tile diameter. Set up a training room for military. In two occasions I would find a dwarf outside of the constructed tower, standing on the roof and unable to move due to no access anywhere. There was no way for the dwarf to have gotten there on his own (including climbing). Both occasions I had to remove the construction to allow them back in before they died of thirst.

Just now (v44.12) another instance of this, which is more clear. I have an underground training area that is bordered on all sides by a flooded cavern. There are walls all around and there is no access to this cavern by any means (completely sealed). One of my military dwarves was found outside of the training area, directly across the wall (i.e bordering on the OTHER side), drowned in the cavern. I checked access and all other methods of entry into the cavern (falling, ect) and the only explanation is that the dwarf moved through the 1-tile wide wall through some form of idle training event and drowned in the occupied water tiles.
Best way would be to build a small circular training tower (5-tile diameter) and a larger floor below it. Seal off everything. During training dwarves may be spotted outside of the tower on the the roof of the lower floor. This happened twice (that was noticed) in a year in my own world.
Never directly saw the teleport but I've been playing this game for six years and I'm certain there is no other way the dwarf can end up where they were at without them moving through the wall somehow. My guess would be a dodge from a spar when they are up against a 1-wide wall.
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duplicate of 0007444resolved Toady One Sparring dwarves (and other creatures) can knock each other through walls with charge attacks 
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It's a know bug, and there are reports of it already (those compatible with the search function should be able to find those reports).