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0011074: Infinitely dripping pets?
Normal fortress mode, I notice pools of cherry wine appearing in my animal pasture(decent size, housing horses, sheep, yak, and an alpaca or two, about a dozen total). At first I believed it to simply be a case of lazy/clumsy dwarves spilling their drinks whenever they come the milk/shear the animals, so I leave it be. 1 Month later, puddles are still there, still only cherry wine, so I decide to ban making any more of the stuff. next month I relocate the pasture, but the problem still persists, pools of cherry wine litter the outside of my fort at this point, and I notice that the wine was getting on the animals (I assume feet, the screen cuts of the text displaying the body part). My guess then is maybe the animals are getting wet from wine puddles, then shaking it off, creating a new puddle? My dwarves weren't cleaning up the puddles for whatever reason, so I pretty much had an entire farms worth of wine-soaked livestock trying to get mother-earth completely hammered.

The tidal wave of wine ended when I made a third new pasture while it was raining, therefore none of my animals had wine on them to transfer over. My lawn is still ruined, but the red flood did pass.
spill some booze in a medium-populated pasture, then wait to see if an animal becomes wet with that booze?
I imagine this to be a highly improbable occurrence, and the bug might fix itself if the dwarves are diligent with cleaning or a lucky rainfall solves it. I might be wrong, but animals getting wet then making more puddles just seemed like the most likely cause.

Mostly posting this just because I haven't found anything like this here yet, so I thought I'd share my experience.
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duplicate of 0000296confirmed Loci Pools/smears/spatters of blood, dust and other materials multiply themselves, get tracked around too much 
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