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0011081Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2019-04-12 19:362019-04-14 11:30
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0011081: No dwarf caravans / liasons in 6 years, no mods, civ is not dead
I'm not getting invisible caravans - no announcements they arrived.

Looks very similar to bug 0010015, which is closed as a duplicate of bug 0009593, which is flagged as "needs feedback", asking "Has anyone produced this without DFHack?" I have never used dfhack. It has a note that it might be related to bug 0010075 - siege doesn't end after all invaders are dead. There is no thing in the corner saying I'm under siege. There's a comment in that bug saying that saving and reloading helped - I have saved and reloaded during these years.

I do have invisible items at the edge of the map, like the last items on the list of flasks in inventory.

The civilizations screen lists 11 notable dwarves elsewhere, so it looks like the civilization is not dead.

There are no merchants / liaisons on the list of "Others".

I have continued to get goblin sieges.

I have lots of goblins caged.

I was successfully trading with dwarves earlier in this fortress.

My trade depot is 42 levels below where my wagon spawned.

Hitting D says "depot accessible".

The last trade agreement was in 261, I've played to early winter of 267, which is where I got 6 years from.

To be extra clear, I am only using the contents of http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/df_43_05_linux.tar.bz2 [^] all by itself. The game was started with this version. dfhack, and anything else, has never touched it.

Uploaded auto-saves:
region1-00267-07-01 first day of autumn of the 6th year dwarves didn't come
region1-00267-10-01 first day of winter, after the dwarves again didn't come - another goblin siege happened later that day

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14335 [^]
Load save, wait, get no dwarf caravan.
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child of 0009593acknowledged lethosor Invisible caravan arrives, no units listed on units list, trade impossible. 
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I managed to select "Adventure Mode -- Trade". This was in fortress mode, and I don't appear to be able to edit that.