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0011103: Typo in Narwhal man description
Narwhal man description has a typo:
"A medium-sized creature with the arms and torso on a man, but with the head and tail of a narwhal."

Should be "of a man".

Check the raws. creature_large_ocean
And in fact, in line with all the other creatures should be "of a person" or "of a humanoid" as this is the description for both male and female narwhal people.

While we're at it, toad people should be corrected too I guess.
"A dark green man with the distinct head of a toad."
Change "man" to "person" or "humanoid" in line with all the other creatures.
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Oh, Adder women and copperhead snake women are also described as men too apparently:
"A large adder with the torso and arms of a man".
"A large copperhead snake with the torso and arms of a man"
in creature_temperate_new

And finally Anaconda women, Python women, Bushmaster women and Impala women:
"A large anaconda with the torso and arms of a man."
"A large bushmaster with the arms of a man"
"A large python with arms of a man"
"A slender, horned man with the head and tail of a impala"
in creature_tropical_new

--Of course, besides the initial reported typo for Narwhal man which really is a "bug", it's possible that describing certain female animal people as having male body parts was done on purpose. Ignore any further comments I may add here if that's the case.