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0011119: if something is marked to be dumped and then reanimates, this sometimes breaks dumping
I kept having items that the dwarves absolutely refused to dump, and doing d-d-f-f (forbidding and unforbidding, undesignating and redesignating) usually wouldn't fix it. The blue TSK would show up next to the item, then disappear after a while, then show up again, then disappear again, but nothing would ever get done. Dwarves weren't trying to dump the item and then cancelling the job; it never got taken at all.

After some testing, it only seems to happen when it's a corpse or body part that was marked to be dumped, which then reanimates either before being dumped or while it is in the process of being hauled to the dump, and then is killed again. It doesn't *always* happen then, only sometimes.
Kill a bunch of things in a reanimating biome, mark their unmangled corpses and reanimatable body parts to be dumped a long way away, watch them reanimate, kill them again, mark them to be dumped again.
I have a save I could upload but I don't think there are any borked corpses or body parts in it anymore--I resolved the issue. If necessary I could reproduce the problem on my save and then upload that.
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I suspect a save where such parts are marked for dumping and then reliably* reanimates and fail to be hauled after being put down by militia readily available to the investigator would be useful.

*reliably: Most of the time at least some piece gets bugged.

It might also be useful with a save where a specific piece is bugged: there might be some information on that piece that can provide a clue, but it's not impossible that the first stage has to be seen as well to figure out why.

A further question is if there's a pattern to which parts are bugged. Is it limited to dead residents, intelligent creatures, or just about any anything?
I'm thinking of the conflict involved when trying to bury citizens turned into weres, where their body parts refuse to be put in and stay in their coffins due to a dual nature conflict.
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Please upload a save demonstrating this problem to DFFD ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ) and post a link to it here.