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0011121Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2019-07-14 21:432019-07-15 03:51
Knight Otu 
0011121: Necromancer Dawrfs create hostile Zombies.
Necromancer Dawrfs that resurrect zombies during combat get attacked by their own zombies. Also necromancers on a squad attack their own zombies.
Make a dawrf read a book with the secret of life and death, when he gets in combat he will resurrect everything around him/her and proceed to get attack by their own creations.
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duplicate of 0009315new  Raised corpses attack resident necromancers 
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This looks like a duplicate of 0009315. If you disagree, please re-open this report or pm a bug tracker manager on the forums to get it reopened.